Video Data (Adavu)

The video data as captured by Kinect using nuiCapture is given as MAT Data Files. Each MAT file contains 3 streams data -- RGB frames, Depth frames, and Skeleton frames. The process to extract and / use these streams from a MAT file is explained below:

MAT File in MATLab

On loading the a MAT file in MATlab you will see the information in "workplace"


The Colorframe holds
  • Color Data

The Depth Frame holds
  • Depth data
  • valid (whether is frame should be considered as valid data)
  • Player Index

The Skeleton Frame holds
  • Floor Clip Plane
  • Tracking Mode
  • Skeletons

Extraction Codes

You can extract RGB/Dept/Skeleton information using a MATlab code. For example, the code to extract the RGB image from MAT file is given below:

% Load a mat file

% Color Image
color_image = ColorFrame.ColorData;

Examples of RGB Images extracted from the MAT files:

Similarly you can extract Dept/Skeleton frame's information using [this] MATlab code.


Along with the MAT files we also provide the annotated csv files. Bharatnatyam experts have annotated the Adavu's and marked the start and end frame of each key posture in the RGB images.

Key posture: It is a posture held by a dancer for a short duration of time during the dance performance. For example, there exist 23 key postures in Natta Adavu. These postures are used across the 8 variations of Natta Adavus. The following pictures show some Key postures of Natta. For all the key postures click [here]

Each annotation csv file contain three coloumns. The first coloumn contains a unique ID. The ID provides the information about the occurrence of beat and posture number along with the Adavu variation number, dancer number, and cycle number. For example, N1D1C1B12P02 says that N1: Natta first variation, D1: Dancer one, C1: Cycle one, B12: Beat number is 12, P02: Key posture 02. For most cases, this can just be treared as aunique ID without referring to its meaning.

The second and third columns contain the start and end frame number of the Key posture frames respectively. Bharatanatyam experts have identified the occurrence of key postures along with the beat.

Data Files

At present the annotation of Natta Adavu as performed by 3 dancers - Dancer-1, Dancer-2, and Dancer-3. These are provided below for downloads along with the MAT file, and Sollakattu files. More Adavu's will be hosted as and when their annotations are completed.
Note: All the three dancers had danced on same Sollakattu's.

Data of Dancer-1:
Adavu Name Sollakattu Name Adavu MAT File Sollakattu File Video Annotation File
Natta_1 Natta_1235678 Natta_1_D1 Natta_1235678_D1 D1_Natta_1
Natta_2 Natta_1235678 Natta_2_D1 Natta_1235678_D1 D1_Natta_2
Natta_3 Natta_1235678 Natta_3_D1 Natta_1235678_D1 D1_Natta_3
Natta_4 Natta_4 Natta_4_D1 Natta_4_D1 D1_Natta_4
Natta_5 Natta_1235678 Natta_5_D1 Natta_1235678_D1 D1_Natta_5
Natta_6 Natta_1235678 Natta_6_D1 Natta_1235678_D1 D1_Natta_6
Natta_7 Natta_1235678 Natta_7_D1 Natta_1235678_D1 D1_Natta_7
Natta_8 Natta_1235678 Natta_8_D1 Natta_1235678_D1 D1_Natta_8

Data of Dancer-2:
Adavu Name Sollakattu Name Adavu MAT File Sollakattu File Video Annotation File
Natta_1 Natta_1235678 Natta_1_D2 Natta_1235678_D1 D2_Natta_1
Natta_2 Natta_1235678 Natta_2_D2 Natta_1235678_D1 D2_Natta_2
Natta_3 Natta_1235678 Natta_3_D2 Natta_1235678_D1 D2_Natta_3
Natta_4 Natta_4 Natta_4_D2 Natta_4_D1 D2_Natta_4
Natta_5 Natta_1235678 Natta_5_D2 Natta_1235678_D1 D2_Natta_5
Natta_6 Natta_1235678 Natta_6_D2 Natta_1235678_D1 D2_Natta_6
Natta_7 Natta_1235678 Natta_7_D2 Natta_1235678_D1 D2_Natta_7
Natta_8 Natta_1235678 Natta_8_D2 Natta_1235678_D1 D2_Natta_8

Data of Dancer-3:
Adavu Name Sollakattu Name Adavu MAT File Sollakattu File Video Annotation File
Natta_1 Natta_1235678 Natta_1_D3 Natta_1235678_D1 D3_Natta_1
Natta_2 Natta_1235678 Natta_2_D3 Natta_1235678_D1 D3_Natta_2
Natta_3 Natta_1235678 Natta_3_D3 Natta_1235678_D1 D3_Natta_3
Natta_4 Natta_4 Natta_4_D3 Natta_4_D1 D3_Natta_4
Natta_5 Natta_1235678 Natta_5_D3 Natta_1235678_D1 D3_Natta_5
Natta_6 Natta_1235678 Natta_6_D3 Natta_1235678_D1 D3_Natta_6
Natta_7 Natta_1235678 Natta_7_D3 Natta_1235678_D1 D3_Natta_7
Natta_8 Natta_1235678 Natta_8_D3 Natta_1235678_D1 D3_Natta_8