Recording Setup and Sensors

We use the following sensors for recording:

  • XBox Kinect (Kinect 1.0) - To record RGB, Depth, and synchronized Audio data. It is placed in front of the dancer and used primarily to capture video data
  • nuiCapture Software - To interface Kinect with PC
  • Zoom H2n Portable Handy Recorder - To record high quality Audio data. It is used to record Sollukattu's separately
We have recorded the data of three female dancer's identified as Dancer-1, Dancer-2, and Dancer-3.
The recording set-up is given below.

Summary Information about the data set:
  • Audio Data set for one dance accomplish contains one file each for 23 Sollukattu's
  • Video Data set for one dancer contains one file each for 58 variations of 15 Adavu's. Each performance is recorded for one cycle of a Sollukattu
  • Data is recorded at the rate of 30fps
  • Frame size 480x640 pixels for RGB as well as Depth
  • RGB, depth, and audio streams are captured. Skeleton stream is computed by Kinect