Audio Data (Sollukattu)

There exist 23 unique Sollakattu's (Audio) which are used for the 58 Adavu's. Every Adavu uses a given Sollukattu.

For example, while performing variations Natta-1 to Natta-8 (variations of Natta Adavu) the Natta Sollakattu is used. It is given as: tei yum tat tat tei yum ta. Those words treated as beats / bols. We have recorded 30 audio files for 23 Sollakattu's. That is, some Sollukattu's have more than one recordings for different cycle lengths. These were recorded by Dancer-1. Each Sollakattu is recorded for one / four cycle/s. These audio files are in wav format.


Bharatnatyam experts have annotated each Sollakattu using an application Audacity and have marked the beats. The start and end time of every beat occurrence is marked and noted. The annoated files are presented in csv format. Each csv file has three columns. The first and secound coloumns show the start and end time of the beat occurrence respectively. The third coloumn gives the 'bol' of the beat. The Each file (audio/annotation) is associated with a number that denotes the variation linked with the Adavu. For example, the audio file "Kudita_mettu_123" is used for the three variation of the Adavu "Kudita_mettu".

The downloadable data set is given below.

Data Files

Sollakattu Name # Cycles Audio File Name Annotated File Name
Joining_1 1 Joining_Adavu_1_D1 Joining_Adavu_1_D1
Joining_2 1 Joining_Adavu_2_D1 Joining_Adavu_2_D1
Joining_3 1 Joining_Adavu_3_D1 Joining_Adavu_3_D1
Kartari_Utsanga 1 Kartari_Utsanga_D1 Kartari_Utsanga_D1
Kuditta_Mettu_123 1 Kuditta_Mettu_123_D1 Kuditta_Mettu_123_D1
Kuditta_Mettu_4 1 Kuditta_Mettu_4_D1 Kuditta_Mettu_4_D1
Kuditta_Nattal_1236 1 Kuditta_Nattal_1236_D1 Kuditta_Nattal_1236_D1
Kuditta_Nattal_45 1 Kuditta_Nattal_45_D1 Kuditta_Nattal_45_D1
Kuditta_Tattal_1 1 Kuditta_Tattal_1_D1 Kuditta_Tattal_1_D1
Kuditta_Tattal_2 1 Kuditta_Tattal_2_D1 Kuditta_Tattal_2_D1
Kuditta_Tattal_34 1 Kuditta_Tattal_34_D1 Kuditta_Tattal_34_D1
Kuditta_Tattal_5 1 Kuditta_Tattal_5_D1 Kuditta_Tattal_5_D1
Mandi_Sarikkal 1 Mandi_Sarikkal_D1 Mandi_Sarikkal_D1
Natta_1235678 1 Natta_1235678_D1 Natta_1235678_D1
Natta_4 1 Natta_4_D1 Natta_4_D1
Paikkal_123 1 Paikkal_123_D1 Paikkal_123_D1
Pakka_14 1 Pakka_14_D1 Pakka_14_D1
Pakka_23 1 Pakka_23_D1 Pakka_23_D1
Sarika_1234 1 Sarika_1234_D1 Sarika_1234_D1
Tatta_12 1 Tatta_12_D1 Tatta_12_D1
Tatta_3 1 Tatta_3_D1 Tatta_3_D1
Tatta_4 1 Tatta_4_D1 Tatta_4_D1
Tatta_5 1 Tatta_5_D1 Tatta_5_D1
Tatta_6 1 Tatta_6_D1 Tatta_6_D1
Tatta_7 1 Tatta_7_D1 Tatta_7_D1
Tatta_8 1 Tatta_8_D1 Tatta_8_D1
Tei_Tei_Dhatta 1 Tei_Tei_Dhatta_D1 Tei_Tei_Dhatta_D1
Tirmana_1 1 Tirmana_1_D1 Tirmana_1_D1
Tirmana_2 1 Tirmana_2_D1 Tirmana_2_D1
Tirmana_3 1 Tirmana_3_D1 Tirmana_3_D1